Collectors and the value of art in Italy

Skira - 2022


The latest edition of the study devoted to Italy’s art market.(leggi tutto)

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The latest edition of the study devoted to Italy’s art market.

What is the profile of Italian collectors of modern and contemporary art? What are the preferred collecting strategies, motivations and purchasing channels? Which works characterize collections and how are they valued? Does Italian collecting have a national character to it? Collectors and the value of art in Italy 2022 is the second chapter in the series of studies dedicated to the art market promoted by Intesa Sanpaolo PrivateBanking, the Intesa Sanpaolo Group bank that for many years has made art and culture an integral part of its way of “banking”. For more than a decade, the art and collectables market has been considered a consolidated economic sector, the object of increasing attention from analysts, scholars, banks and institutional investors. Whereas previously collectables were perceived as “safe havens”, although few collectors bought them for investment purposes, they are now seen as autonomous financial instruments and investments, which offer an alternative to – or, perhaps we should say, complement – more traditional investments, representing a distinct asset class. The book is divided into eight chapters, each devoted to an aspect of collecting: Methodological framework and introduction to the topic; The international market: Facts & Figures; The Italian market: Facts & Figures; Italian collectors: the first post-COVID portrait; The new post-COVID collecting; How digital has changed the contemporary art market; Buying online: legal and tax aspects; Intesa Sanpaolo Art & Culture. Thanks to this survey on Italian collectors, based on the main research conducted abroad on the subject, Intesa Sanpaolo intends to test a survey method, obtain reliable data and analyse unpublished information on modern and contemporary



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