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My Heart at Zero Gravity

Editore Cartabianca Publishing
ISBN: 9788888805207

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Ten years spent zipping through the sky, chasing a deep passion for flying, for limitless spaces, for horizons that are wider when observed from great heights The author recounts her experiences as a civil pilot, describing unexpected encounters and revealing both the background of a traditionally fascinating and intriguing job as well as its darker sides, like her efforts to make her way as a woman at the controls of an airplane or the small and large battles to be faced every day to overcome the problems and hostilities of a complex and compelling profession Giving her a helping hand is her love for her work, the awareness of knowing how to do it well and, in the end, the courage to make a painful but necessary choice br The thin, elegant wings of a Piaggio P180 allow the author to rise above the earthly shadows, transporting the reader into a story written with freshness and a sincere heart, without artifices, through a series of adventures that are both entertaining and evocative A narrative that is also a vital inspiration for learning to never give up

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