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Child Abuse and Neglect E-Book

Editore Saunders
ISBN: 9781437736212

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Child Abuse and Neglect: Diagnosis, Treatment and Evidence focuses attention on the clinical evidence of child abuse to help you correctly diagnose and treat such cases in your own practice. This unique, well-illustrated clinical reference provides new insights into the presentation and differential diagnosis of physical abuse, a look at shaken baby syndrome, sex offenders and abuse in religious organizations, information on the biomechanics of injury, and more. Great for general review, as well as clinical reference, it’s also ideal for those taking the American Board of Pediatrics’ new subspecialty board exam in Child Abuse Pediatrics.

  • Identify an abusive injury and treat it effectively by reviewing evidence and critical analyses from leading authorities in the field.

Recognize the signs of shaken baby syndrome, sex offenders and abuse in religious organizations.

Understand the biomechanics of injury to determine whether abuse was truly the cause of a child’s injury.

View illustrations that show first-hand examples of child abuse or neglect.

Expert clinical evidence to recognize, diagnose and treat child abuse

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