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Casual (sex) Gamer Bundle 2

Editore Boruma Publishing
ISBN: 9781370314799

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Jane has always craved hardcore sex, and she's about to get it. Finally she can get some satisfaction when she discovers a way to enter video games where dominating and brutal characters await to show her a rough time. In fact, most of the game characters are sadistic as hell and her perfect match, because Jane gets a special thrill out of getting the hell scared out of her, and thrust into her. In books four through six of the Casual (sex) Gamer series, she's treated to one unusual erotic encounter after another.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

A short distance away, the notorious outlaw gang arrived at their hideout after a night of robbery and arson. As their cook stoked up the campfire to prepare dinner, they heard a crash and then a feminine scream from inside their barn. They grinned at each other as they dismounted, eager to meet their visitor.

The leader kicked the doors open and Jane yelped, looking up with hay poking out of her voluptuous cleavage. She was hoping to see her handsome cowboy, but instead found four huge men. It had to be the gang-bang the disclaimer mentioned, but it was a shock because they were all so big…much bigger than her.

They filed inside and stopped, hardly able to believe their luck as their eyes swept over the curvy woman.

"What in tarnation's she wearin'?" the biggest man asked, tilting his head as he looked her up and down.

"Not much, that's for sure," the smaller of the men answered with a grin.

Jane held her torn blouse closed, but the effort was useless because the ruffled fabric was so sheer that they could see right through it.

"Wait, stay back!" she yelled, trying to sound stern.

"No, I don't think we will," a red-haired man said, removing the cowboy hat he'd just stolen and tossing it to land neatly on a hook.

Jane frowned when they came closer and scrambled to her feet. She looked around for a weapon, took a few steps back and grabbed a pitchfork to fend them off.

"Aw, now don't be like that," the smallest of the men said, shoving a floppy hat back on his head to reveal brilliant blue eyes. "Call me Jace, sweetheart, and I'll take good care of you."

The leader rolled his eyes and rubbed the scar on his cheek, thinking he was about to see another woman throw herself at Jace's feet. It pleased him when their curvy guest turned the pitchfork toward the man instead, waving it nervously. "Just stay away…um, Jace. I've got to go now, so back up."

Ike cleared his throat. "You aren't going anywhere. All we want are your holes, woman," he said, still hoping she'd put up a fight as he reasoned with her. "We don't want to hurt you," he lied.

"Uh…we don't?" the biggest guy asked, confused because that wasn't like them at all.

They moved in, slowly surrounding her as she stood on her mountain of hay. "I said stay back!" she warned, spinning as the big guy made a move for the pitchfork. "Go away you…you…darn outlaws!"

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