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Exhibitions in years 2.0

Editore Egea
ISBN: 9788823874954

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Exhibition in Years 2.0 is designed to look into three important research questions. The first is the exhibitions are the primary factor for the international development of entire industrial and service sectors and are therefore an effective tool for a countryŐs industrial policy. The second is about the role of public stakeholders, who often own or run venues, and whose expectations concerning the exhibition business differ greatly from country to country. How the globalization is impacting local expectations. And last but not least, how business models develop within the exhibition industry. This publications has been conceived as a high level discussion above the most relevant topics concerning the exhibition industry, also because the Italian exhibition industry has been particularly affected by the international crisis and the strong internal competition might be troublesome for the industry. Therefore there is a need for a comparative and serious debate over the international situation in order to stimulate the exhibition industry in making the most of the economic recovery.

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